222 Editor’s Note

It’s been a funny old year for new car sales in Ireland. The market bounced back after Covid only to find that supply chain difficulties and the general absence of semi-conductor raw materials meant there weren’t enough cars to go around.

This has led to an odd situation where consumers were ready to relax their grip on the purse strings only to find their local car dealer didn’t have product to sell them.

The market in 2022 is well up on 2020 and 2021 levels but, frustratingly, significantly down on 2019 pre-Covid market performance.

With the war in Ukraine compounding the problems and the fast-rising energy costs leading to inflation and an impending sense of doom about the economy this might seem like a strange time to change your car.

However, the odd nature of the year means the pre-owned market is through the roof and a couple of years of very few new car sales means there is a dwindling supply of product into the used market creating a situation where even cars at the bottom of end of the market are fetching eye watering amounts.

The silver lining is that if you need to change your car and are willing to compromise a little on colour and specification there is actually plenty of choice out there with the added bonus that your trade in is able to command a much greater number.

The manufacturers are back launching cars this year and, naturally, with rising fuel costs, most of the upward movement is in hybrid or full electric technology.

In this 222 edition of Drive – New Car Buyer’s Guide we highlight the best of the new and updated models on offer.

As ever, we’ve done our best to ensure that prices are correct at time of press but check with your local dealer for any updated pricing or special offers.

Declan Quigley
DRIVE Magazine Editor


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