171 Editor’s Note

Almost 150,000 new car sales in 2016 is further evidence of the extraordinary recovery that has taken place in the Irish motor industry in recent years, almost 20% growth year on year as the industry continues its return to normal operating levels.

Reduced activity towards the end of the year suggests that there may well be a levelling off in the market next year as it now seems everyone who put off buying a new car in the recession is back in game.

The spectre of Brexit continues to dominate conversations in and out of the industry and how it will affect the Irish economy in the short and medium term. It may well be that, come March, cautious buyers are encouraged to make the new car purchase they’ve putting off.

Certainly the quality of product on offer has never been of a higher quality and the competitiveness of the market and the increasingly popular PCP finance helping to facilitate those purchases

It’s anyone’s guess what the future may hold for the market, but in the meantime Irish car buyers are still coming out of the woodwork to finally make the car purchases that they delayed for so many years.

In this 171 edition of Drive – New Car Buyer’s Guide we highlight the best of the new and updated
models on offer.

As ever, we’ve done our best to ensure that prices are correct at time of press but check with your local dealer for any updated pricing or special offers.

Declan Quigley
DRIVE Magazine Editor


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