201 Editor’s Note

The Irish new car industry has endured difficult times over the past few years and, while there remains uncertainty around events in the UK, the continuing strength of the Irish economy and the robust nature of the local car market which was substantially reinvented after the last recession means there are signs that things could be on the up.

Certainly, there are a lot of consumers out there who have held off on new car purchases for long enough and are ready take the plunge back into new car ownership. Likewise, UK imports are set to be a little less attractive thanks to the new NOx tax which will penalise owners of older, less energy efficient machinery.

Meanwhile the rapid expansion of the electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle market means there is greater choice than ever for the consumer looking to save a little money and have less impact on the environment from their motoring.
Tax breaks and government assistance continue to keep these vehicles at affordable levels and the infrastructure around electric charging is also rising to meet the demand. It’s an exciting time in the industry.

In this 201 edition of Drive – New Car Buyer’s Guide we highlight the best of the new and updated models on offer. 
As ever, we’ve done our best to ensure that prices are correct at time of press but check with your local dealer for any updated pricing or special offers.  

Declan Quigley
DRIVE Magazine Editor


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