172 Editor’s Note

The boom may have ended but it was, at least expected, and for the consumer, the options have rarely been as enticing.

After 150,000 new car sales in 2016 this year’s sales are 10% down this year at the time of writing and that could well continue through to the end of 2017. In truth, a cooling of the market was not only predicted but it was probably necessary as the growth levels post recession could hardly be sustained. Consumers who had put off making the big new car purchase for many years rushed back to the market in recent years and once everyone had returned, an easing of demand was inevitable. Predicting just what the reduction would be was the trick and the motor manufacturers have had varying success in their forward planning with some in relatively rude health and others stuck with extra stock. That has made the market very competitive with plenty of discounting to maintain market share. That’s manna for consumers and it won’t go on forever. There are plenty of options for new car buyers in the second half of 2017 and great opportunities to get into 2017 models for less than would have been anticipated last year.

In this 172 edition of Drive – New Car Buyer’s Guide we highlight the best of the new and updated models on offer.
As ever, we’ve done our best to ensure that prices are correct at time of press but check with your local dealer for any updated pricing or special offers.

Declan Quigley
DRIVE Magazine Editor


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